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  • 10/19/2019
  • 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Lake Mary High School Auditorium, 655 Longwood Lake Mary Rd, Lake Mary, FL 32746

MSCF 2019 EC team requests all registrants for cultural programs to go through these rules and guidelines. We appreciate your kind understanding and support. If you have any questions, please contact us at : mscf.ec@gmail.com

Cultural Programs Rules & Guidelines:

===== Cultural Programs Rules & Guidelines For MSCF =====

ALL PARTICIPANTS [including coordinators] MUST HOLD MSCF MEMBERSHIP for 2019. All the registrants membership will be validated after registration is received and during the event.

Solo performances are not allowed in any form

A participant can participate in maximum of 2 cultural programs only if they are in two different art forms. E.g. One classical and one non-classical. [Art forms: Classical Dance, Non-Classical Dance, Singing, Drama, etc.]

Maximum time allowed for each performance is 5 minutes

Songs & Programs should MANDATORILY be in Tamil/Sanskrit language

Number of Classical performance will be limited to 5 programs

Number of Singing and Musical instruments performance will be limited to 2 programs

A Program coordinator can orchestrate a maximum of 2 programs

Dance schools can submit a maximum of 2 programs

All programs should have a minimum total of 4 individuals performing in overall 4 minutes and minimum 3 on stage at any given time.

Have enough backup, to avoid cancellation of your performance due to last minute drop out of kids

Songs and Participant list should be uploaded before closing of Registration and it will be reviewed and approved by the committee with 1 week of Registration closing.

Programs will be given preference by Regions to provide equal opportunity across Orlando. Registrations will be equally distributed across these 5 regions (Lake Mary, Windermere, Oviedo, Hunters creek, Rest of Orlando). If enough programs are not registered from a region, preference will be given to other regions. Address of the Program coordinator should be given at the time of registration to determine from which region you are registering. Ensure all the participants are also from same region.

Programs will be sorted based on a set of rules which will be defined and published after the closing of Registration and will strictly be followed.

Irrespective of number of audiences, the event will start sharp at the announced time

While we prefer no songs be repeated in the entire program, the committee will work towards accommodating it as long as the sequences are not the same

Songs and costumes need to be appropriate for MSCF Event

MSCF has the final authority to change the structure to suit the needs of the community and the program content

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